Rome, Morocco, Napoli, The Amalfi Coast and Malta – now in Greece at the close of Seven Weeks of Travel

Jim K Biloxi, Mississippi


My wife booked the Pharae Palace in Kalamata - a six Euro cab ride from the Bus Station (after three hours by coach from Athens on expressways - across the Isthmus of Corinth) to this major city on the Gulf of Messenia - centre of olives, history and the delights of the beach. The hotel is very comfortable - the facilities are first-rate - the staff of like calibre - and English-speaking! It lies across the street from the harbour - and a brief walk to the beach - swimming. We are here in mid-late October - the days mild to warm - the water remains warm for swimming. The breakfast room is at the top of the hotel (the 5th floor) with "infinity pool-like" views out over the harbour - the Messenian Bay - and from the outdoor terrace to the nearby mountain rearing up to 1500 metres over the eastern districts of Kalamata - Parelia Verga - stunning vistas. The breakfast room and terraces convert to an all-day place for coffees, drinks and meals! 
5.0 / 5.0

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