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PHARAE PALACE is a 4-star hotel, located at Navarinou and Riga Fereou 2 Street, on Kalamata beach and has 76 rooms. It also provides café-bar, restaurant, room service, luggage storage, laundry, bicycle rental and beach services. It has three events / meeting rooms, a business center, a lobby and a car parking place.

Taking care of the health and safety of our guests and employees and maintaining the high-quality standards of our service, are key parts of our broader policy.

In this context, the Hotel MANAGEMENT is committed:

  • To ensure the safety and public health in the main and auxiliary areas of the hotel.
  • Το continuously adhere to health protocols.
  • To monitor developments and always be in line with requirements and guidelines available from the relevant authorities.

In order to achieve the above commitments, the Hotel has established an Action Plan according to which:

  • Communicates this COVID-19 infection prevention policy and philosophy to all stakeholders (staff, customers, visitors and partners).
  • Carries out continuous training and briefing sessions to staff on protection issues against COVID19 infection, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment and management of possible virus cases.
  • Implements all the prescribed measures for the protection and maintenance of public hygiene and disinfection of all the main and auxiliary Hotel areas, involved both in direct activities (hospitality in rooms) and indirect ones (cafeteria, restaurant, beach, bicycle rental). The main measures are:
    • Systematic daily disinfection at points of contact and frequent use such as elevator buttons, reception area counters, shared door handles, WCs, etc.
    • Placement of hands disinfectant in all common areas.
    • Observance of strict room cleaning and disinfection protocols before each arrival
    • Provision of masks and gloves to the staff and the guests where necessary, according to the instructions of EODY.
  • Actively engages all human resources in observing health protocols, continuously and throughout the operation of the Hotel.
  • Maintains high standards of food and beverage handling, in accordance with the HACCP protocol and implements a strict policy on hand washing and staff hygiene involved in the preparation of food and beverages.
  • Informs for and assures the obligatory observance of the prescribed protection measures by the external entities that enter the Hotel (suppliers, maintenance workers, partners).
  • Reviews and revises this Covid Shield Policy so that it is always up to date with current developments and requirements and in line with the guidelines available from the relevant authorities.
  • It has defined an appropriate combination of documented procedures and methods and keeps records for monitoring the implementation of the “Covid Shield” system in all its facilities and involved parties.

The monitoring and measurement of processes and their effectiveness, are carried out through the evaluation of cleaning and disinfection procedures, the recording of customers’ comments and complaints, the evaluation of measure compliance by staff and suppliers / external partners, the recording of non-compliance incidents and by ensuring that the Management evaluates the performance and effectiveness of the management system itself. The determination and review of measurable targets is done during the system review

Hotel Manager
Evangelos Vasiladiotis

Our hotel complies with all COVID-19 protection measures and is certified with Covid shield by TUV Austria in order for you to feel and be safe during your stay.